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  Glen J. Lerner
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Personal Injury - Plaintiff

Personal Injury Attorneys Glen J. Lerner & Associates has acquired the reputation of being one of the up and coming personal injury firms in the country having represented tens of thousands of people.

We have several personal injury lawyers and a large support staff devoted to nothing but injury claims.

Our personal injury attorneys work closely with our support staff to provide thorough evaluations and research for each case...

Since 1991 we have represented injured people in the following areas: Auto accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Truck Accidents, Traffic Tickets, Traumatic Brain Injury, Slip and Falls and Premises Liability, Dog Bites, Class Action, Complex Spine Cases, Toxic Mold , Nursing Home Litigation and fatalities.

We have numerous million dollar plus settlements based upon our willingness to take on the insurance companies and corporations that take advantage of the average person. Our approach of treating every case as if it will end up in trial has lead to tremendous results for our clients and respect from our opponents.

We know that you cannot look at a case simply as a settlement but must make the other side want to settle based upon your preparation. It is this preparation and reputation that ensures that we handle million dollar and multi-million dollar cases on a monthly basis.

At the same time, it is this preparation and reputation that allows us to get you the best results even if yours is not a multi-million dollar case. We outwork the other side!

Glen J. Lerner once said to a client upon being told by the client that she knew her case was just a small case and not like all the big ones he handles: "Ma´am, if I or anyone in my office ever makes you feel as if you are not our most important case then I shouldn´t be your attorney!" It´s this passion for the average person and the average case that separates our firm.

Why are we so successful? We work only with top experts in their particular area of the law. Moreover, we have the experience and skill to handle your case having handled so many cases like yours through the years. Think of it this way. If you had something seriously wrong with you you´d want the best doctor money could buy. You would want a doctor who had performed your particular surgery a many times with great results.

When you deal with the Law Offices of Glen J. Lerner & Associates you don´t have to search for the best lawyer for your particular type of case. We´ve seen it before and we will get you the results you deserve.

However, there is one big difference, you have to pay the doctor whether or not the surgery is successful. We work with you and share all the risk of your case because if you have no recovery there is no fee. That´s a promise!

You deserve to be compensated for the pain and suffering you´ve endured due to someone else´s negligence. And if you have money coming to you, we´ll see to it that you get it.
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