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Holzer / Edwards, Chtd

Boise Personal Injury Attorneys

1516 West Hays Street
Boise, Idaho 83702
United States of America

Phone Tel :  208-386-9119
Fax Fax:  208-386-9195

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Personal Injury - Plaintiff

Personal injury lawsuit attorneys Kurt Holzer and John Edwards are trial lawyers who help injured people, not insurance companies or other corporations. We help people harmed by others´ negligence and wrongful conduct and by insurance companies that engage in unfair claim practices.

Our practice consists mostly of personal injury claims. While we are a trial law firm, we are proud of our track record of successfully resolving a high percentage of claims through negotiation or mediation. We are also proud of our ability to handle complex and multi-party litigation.

A Well-Respected Law Firm.

At Holzer Edwards, Chartered, we believe that the law firm you choose makes a difference. Mr. Holzer and Mr. Edwards have earned a strong reputation among judges, lawyers and insurance claim handlers. We also work in association with other attorneys to litigate complex cases requiring our firm´s courtroom experience, resources and skills. The trial team at Holzer Edwards, Chartered brings professionalism, integrity, preparedness and intelligence to the fight for justice on behalf of its clients.

Attorneys on the Side of People.

Insurance companies and large corporations can afford to hire some of the market´s best lawyers. They know that cases turn on the quality of the lawyers working on their side.

Mr. Holzer and Mr. Edwards bring strong representation to the side of people. Holding insurance companies, corporations and professionals accountable for wrongful acts is what we do. We have the experience, resources and moxie to stand up to and succeed against "mega" law firms hired to represent those seeking to escape accountability.

Holzer Edwards, Chartered, is committed to justice for all, not just wealthy corporations. We believe in the civil justice system, juries and right of trial by jury, and we know that zealous, intelligent, well-prepared representation serves our clients and the greater community.
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