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Eric Buchanan & Associates, PLLC

Social Security Disability in Tennessee

  Eric L. Buchanan
414 McCallie Avenue
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402
United States of America

Phone Tel :  866-959-5362
Fax Fax:  423-634-2505

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Social Security & ERISA

Our team helps people with benefits and disability laws in Tennessee and Nationwide

Practice Areas

  • ERISA Long-Term Disability
  • Group Long-Term Disability
  • Private Disability Insurance
  • ERISA Benefits
  • Social Security Disability
  • Health Insurance Claims
  • Life Insurance Claims
  • Health Insurance Subrogation Claims
  • Long-Term Care Benefits
  • Long Term Disability Insurance Benefits
  • Long Term Disability Insurance Claims
  • Social Security Disability Assistance
  • Understanding Disability Claims
  • What Kind of Benefits Should You Expect
  • Who Is Entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits?
  • Do I Need an Attorney to Apply for or Receive
  • Social Security Disability Benefits?
  • How Does the Social Security Agency Determine If I Am Disabled?
  • What Happens at the Social Security Disability Hearing?
  • Common Social Security Disability Injuries
  • My Social Security Disability Application Was Denied What Comes Next?
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