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Craig Penney, Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer

  Craig Penney
120 Carlton Street
Suite 205
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5A 4K2

Phone Tel :  416-410-2266
Fax Fax:  416-410-8978

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Criminal Law

Being in the criminal justice system isn´t an everyday experience. It´s a stressful time. It´s an emotional time. How will this affect my freedom, family, and career? Where am I now? What happens next? When and how will it end? You may feel remorse, anger, embarrassment, and even panic. You may be sleepless. You may feel hopeless. For many of you, this experience will be the most challenging of your life. You need not be alone in this challenge. You will find here a wealth of information about me and my approach, including over 100 case profiles. Over the past 15 years, I´ve guided thousands through the criminal justice process. I´ve drawn on those experiences in creating this site. To learn more, browse the menu above or choose a link below: I have been arrested and/or charged I am being investigated and/or fear I might be charged I am a witness/victim and need advice I want a new lawyer (or a second opinion) None of these apply - How else can you help? When you´re ready to decide if I´m the lawyer for you, call 416 410 2266 to arrange a consultation. All information is held in strict confidence.
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