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Slovin & Associates Co., LPA

9435 Waterstone Blvd.
Suite 270
Cincinnati, Ohio 45249
United States of America

Phone Tel :  513-683-9000

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Slovin & Associates, Co., LPA has nearly 40 years of experience in representing creditors in all aspects of commercial and consumer litigation, collections, bankruptcy, and compliance with federal and state laws regulating lenders and collectors. In today´s environment, there are numerous ways for businesses and consumers to avoid paying their lawful debts. Some of these tactics include bankruptcy, fraudulent conveyances, inadequately capitalized businesses, and hiding of assets. The widespread use of such tactics is due in large part to schemes and advice obtained from the internet, not to mention traditional counseling in how to evade one´s obligations. Our law firm concentrates in representing lenders and other creditors in attempting to uncover these artifices. We are willing to discuss your problem loan or account, and how our law firm might assist you. Please peruse our site for more information on our firm or contact our office today for immediate collection assistance.
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