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Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC.

  Herbert E. Milstein
1100 New York Ave N.W.
West Tower, Suite 500
Washington, D.C. 20005
United States of America

Phone Tel :  202-408-4602

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Consumer Protection Law

The most effective law firm in the United States for lawsuits with a strong social and political component.
- Corporate Legal Times

A lone consumer is often powerless against a giant company and an individualĀ“s rights are sometimes disregarded by powerful corporations. A class action litigation may be the only avenue to compensate victims of corporate wrongdoing.

For 40 years, Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC has been a pioneer in plaintiff class action lawsuits on behalf of victims of such abuses. By creating a group or class, individuals join to fight companies in court and enhance their ability to fight corporations who often have larger resources.
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