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Assessor/Appraisal Web Sites 
[Listed by state]

Census Information
[Massive site of Census Bureau]

Center for Investigative Reporting
Nonprofit group for promoting investigative journalism

Congressional Email  Directory
[Email addresses of U.S. Senators and Representatives]

Directory of State Constitutions and State Codes

Embasies Worldwide
[Directory and search engine of the world's embasies and consultates]

Federal Consumer Information Center
[Consumer-oriented information]

Federal Judiciary Homepage
[Links to all federal court websites nationwide]

Foreign Government Links

Government Information Exchange 
[A federal information portal]

Government Databases
[Links to major U.S. and International government databases]

Governmentwide Information Systems Division
[Database of all federal procurements over $10,000 since 1979]

Governments on the WWW
[Links to government sites worldwide]

GPO Pathway Services
[Government sites listed by topic]

Mayors at a Glance Database

National Association of State Information Resource Executives
[Clearinghouse to state government information on the Internet]

State and Local Government on the Net Directory
[A guide to government-sponsored Internet sites]

State Facts and Information
[Economic, demographic and current political info for all states; also provides current news for each state]

U.S. Counties Census Information
[U.S. demographic and economic information by county]

U.S. Government Documents
[Searchable database includes Commerce Business Daily, Budget of the U.S. Government, Congressional Record Index, Federal Register, and Unified Agenda, among others]

Zip+4 Code Lookup


101 Industrial Register of American Manufacturers
[Searchable database of American manufacturers]

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
[World's largest aviation association]

Bank and Bank Officer Enforcement Actions

Bankruptcy Courts
[Links, addresses, and telephone numbers]

Banks of the World

[Business web guide to almost 50,000 companies in over 200 categories]

Broker Search
[Search for securities brokers and brokerage firms]

Business Credit Reports
[Full credit reports on any business]

Commodities Futures Traders
[Search by NFA ID number, individual name, or firm name]

Companies Online
[Database of over 60,000 companies]

Corporate Information
[An extremely wide range of corporate/financial research tools]

County Information
[County officials, courthouse addresses, and economic and demographic data]

CPA Directory
[Online database of certified public accountants]

Credit Union Land
[Searchable database of credit unions worldwide]

Graydon America
[Business credit reports worldwide]

Homes for Sale

HUD and VA Foreclosures

Industrial Register
[Searchable database of U.S. and international industry]

Infomart Online
[Canadian business profiles]

Insurance Company Ratings
[A.M. Best's database of nearly 6,000 insurance companies]

IPO Express
[IPO headlines, news, filings, and pricings]

Mortgage Brokers Database
[Find a mortgage broker by zip code or state]

NASD Enforcement Actions

National Customs Brokers and Forwarders
(Searchable database of licensed customs brokers and freight forwarders)

Pension Search Directory

Property Foreclosure Sales

Property Home Values

Small Business Resources
[One of the best small-business resource sites]

Swiss Bank Directory

Tax Assessors
[Phone numbers and websites]

Tax Professionals Worldwide


Accident Reconstructionists
[A searchable database of traffic accident reconstruction experts]

Art Loss Register
[World's largest private database of stolen and missing works of art]

Aristotle International
[Voter registration records, political contributor lists]

Autopsy Database
[Human autopsy reports which have been computer-translated into concept-unique-identifiers]

Blue Sheet, The
[Profiles hundreds of thousands of jury verdicts; searchable database]

Business Espionage Controls & Countermeasures Association
[Association of investigators specializing in corporate espionage]

Charity Reports Index
[BBB reports on charities]

Child Support Guidelines

Citation Handbook

Codes of Ordinances
[Over 14,000 municipalities]

Combined DNA Index System (CODIS)
[FBI database of DNA samples from convicted violent offenders]

Court Reporters
[Contact info for U.S. and international court-reporting companies]

Court Rules, Forms and Dockets
[Browse or search by keyword]

CT Corp
Commercial company providing UCC services and statutory representation and authentication services

Death Investigations Handbook
[Sales info for the best-known manual on how to conduct a death investigation; written by Louis N. Eliopulos]

Detection Dogs
[Global Training Academy's webbsite; the company trains dogs for drug, explosives, and arson detection]

Drug Detection
[Listing of companies providing drug screening services]

Earth Science Information Center
[Aerial photos of entire U.S.]

Expert Witnesses
[Alphabetical listing of experts who have testified in civil jury trials across the U.S.]

Federal Bureau of Prisons
[Allows inmate searches dating back to 1982]

Federal Judiciary Homepage
[Links to all federal court websites nationwide]

Federal Regulations
[Code of Federal Regulations]

Fedlaw Legal Resources
[Federal laws and regulations, federal judiciary, legislative branch, arbitration and mediation, general research and reference]

Find a Person/Find a Business
[Search for businesses/professionals by general category]

Government Document Delivery
[Offers document delivery and related services for government organizations]

Insured Aircraft Title Service
[Aircraft ownership searches]

International Process Servers

International Society of Air Safety Investigators
Air accident investigations in 35 countries

International Property Digital Library
[Intellectual property data collections hosted by the World Intellectual Property Organization]

IRS Tax Forms and Publications
[Download current-year forms and publications]

'Lectric Law Library

Legal Briefs
[Search thousands of legal briefs written by attorneys of record]

Legal-Related Associations
[Listing of associations related to the practice of law]

Maritime Information System, The
[Foreign trade database]

Most Wanted
 by U.S. Customs
 by the Secret Service
 by the U.S. Government

National Criminal Justice Reference Service
[Lists publications and links on corrections, courts, crime, drugs, international crime, and juvenile justice]

Occupational Licensing
[Occupational licensing requirements by state, occupation, and agency]

OSHA Accident Investigations

Patent Collections
[U.S., Europe, Japan]

Patent Grants and Applications
[Full text and full-page image databases from the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office]

Patent Search

Pilot Search
[FAA-licensed pilots]

Police Find
[Megasite covering law-enforcement and background check info on 
the Web]

Professional Process Servers

Quickform Contracts
[Automated directory of documents for computer industry, Internet commerce, and general business transactions]

SEC Edgar Filings 
[Text Search]

SEC - Latest IPO's

State Bar Association Links

Supreme Court Opinions

Supreme Court Orders

Telephone Company Search
[Determine city, state, and telco corresponding to a telephone number]

Telephone Directories on the Web

Trademarks Search

U.S. Code

National Driver Register
Dangerous drivers; restricted access to database


Adoption Records Database
[Assists adoptees and their families in searching for each other]

Airline Crashes
[Searchable database of commercial airline accidents]

Alternative Press Index
[Subject index and title index to articles appearing in over 250 alternative and radical publications worldwide]

Alumni Net
[Worldwide database of alumni]

American War Library
[Attempts to identity every service person who has served in the U.S. armed forces since the Revolutional War.  Over 27 million listings.]

Architects Nationwide

Career InfoNet
[Career information, assessment and guidance for virtually all careers]

Car Lemon Reports
[Search for vehicle history public records by vehicle ID number]

City Guides
[Entertainment, dining, weather, shopping)

English Land Registry
[Real property ownership searches and property prices in England and Wales]

Fed Ex Tracking
[Federal Express tracking site]

Find a Grave
[Almost 3,000,000 names in about 30,000 cemeteries]

Find a Psychologist

Geographic Nameserver
[Enter a city name and get back its county, latitude/longitude, elevation, population, and postal code]

High School Database

International Dialing Codes
[Country codes, IDD prefixes, and NDD prefixes]

Internet Radio Station Directory
[Online radio stations worldwide]

Investigative Abstracts
[Print and broadcast investigative stories]

Jewelers Board of Trade
[Database of background info on jewelery dealers in U.S., Canada, and Caribbean]

Journal Article Database
[Search for articles in almost 25,000 journals]

Library Searchable Databases
[Search libraries' holdings worldwide]

Missing Children
Website of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Searchable database of names that have appeared in investigative journalism books

Newsletter Access
[Directory of over 5,000 newsletters]

National Lobbyist Directory

National Public School Locator

Nonprofit Organizations
[Over 700,000 nonprofits]

Notable Women Ancestors

Nursing Home Ratings
[Database of nursing homes and nursing-home ratings]

Online Texts Collection
[From Internet Public Library.  17,000 texts in many subject areas]

Online Translation
[Translate text and websites; six language capability]

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)
[Computerized database of over a million technical reports]

People Tracker
[Enables you to "track" any of over 120,000 executives and members of the Forbes celebrity lists]

Physician Select
[Professional information on 725,000 U.S. physicians]

Politicians of the World
[Address directory]

Post Office and Zip Code Locator
[Locate post offices, find zip codes, change addresses, track/confirm mailings]

Radio Station Locator
[Search for radio stations worldwide by city, call letters, or zip code]

Reporter Resources
[Hundreds of online resources for journalists and writers]

Salary Database

Summer Camps Worldwide

Telephone Area Codes

Top News Headlines
[Searchable database of news headlines in U.S. media]

Unclaimed Property

USPS Package Tracking

U.S. Surname Distribution
[Enter a surname into the form and get back a map of the U.S. showing the distribution of people with that surname.]

Virtual Reference Desk
[A wide range of reference and public records resources]

Weather Forecasts

Weather Worldwide
[Average temperatures for almost 7,000 cities]

World Wide News Search
[Headlines, summaries, and links to Internet news sites throughout the world]

World Wide Web Profile Registry Search
[Database of profiles of people on the Web]

Zip Code Directory


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